Call for Board Member Nominations

ISEA Members!  It’s time to consider nominations for service on our Board of Directors!!

YOU can join a dedicated group of individuals and contribute your talents to the ISEA leadership!  Or you can nominate someone you think would make a great board member (with that person’s approval, of course).

The ISEA Board of Directors consists of At-large Members and the Executive Committee (President, Past-President, President-Elect, Secretary and Treasurer).  The nominating committee is now accepting nominations for At-large seats.  At-large board members will serve a three-year term beginning January 1, 2014.  Only at-large board members are eligible to be nominated for an Executive Committee position.

All nominees are asked to commit to the following if elected:

  1. Attend the four Board meetings in the 2013 calendar year. One of these board meetings occurs during the conference. The conference is mandatory, but you may only miss one board meeting in the calendar year for any unforeseen circumstances. The first two meetings for 2015 will be Saturday, January 10 in Austin and February 18,  before the conference proper. The following two meetings will be May 2 in Houston and a late summer Board retreat (date and location TBD.)
  2. Fully attend the ISEA annual conference.  The 2015 conference will be February 18-20 at Sky Ranch in Van, Texas.
  3. Actively participate in Board activities including committees and/or special tasks.
  4. Actively participate in CAST (Conference for the Advancement of Science Teaching) via assisting theCAST chair with preparations, presenting an ISEA strand workshop or short course and/or helping with the ISEA exhibit booth.

If you are interested in serving on the Board, please complete the form below or nominate a fellow colleague—just may certain you get that person’s approval.

ISEA rotates Board members and is committed to maintaining diversity in site representation and geographic location.

ISEA Board Member Nomination Form 

Submit the nomination form/contact information by email to:
Cappy Smith
ISEA President

Deadline for nominations is November 1, 2014.


Conference for the Advancement of Science Teaching (CAST)

At 7,500 attendees, CAST is the largest statewide meeting of Science Teachers in the nation – and a great place for ISEA members to connect with formal educators in their specific region and beyond. As an Affiliate of STAT (Science Teachers Association of Texas), ISEA has several unique opportunities to connect our members with science teachers at the conference and “bridge the gap” between formals and informals. While ISEA is presenting a stellar strand of presentations highlighting the value of informal education, there are still opportunities to put your organization’s information into the hands of thousands of Science teachers!

Planning on going to CAST?

Volunteer to spend some time at the ISEA Booth! Bring your organization’s fliers and information for distribution, plus you’ll get the opportunity to talk about ISEA and your hard work. This is free face-time to talk about the value of informal education and your organization to teachers! Watch for volunteer sign up in the near future or email for more information.

Will your organization have its own booth at CAST? Please contact us so that we may direct interested teachers to you!

Can’t make it to CAST this year?

Send us your stuff! Your organization can still have a presence at CAST even if you are unable to make it to the conference in person. ISEA will have information from member organizations to give to interested teachers. Send us your fliers and promotional items to pass out at our booth. Contact Cheryl Potemkin at to make arrangements.

For more information about CAST, please visit