Resources from the 2017 Conference:

The 20th Annual ISEA Conference in New Braunfels was a blast! Check out the Conference page for a full rundown of sessions and workshops including links to many of the presentations.

Wednesday’s Night Structured STEM Funballoon-activity

Thanks to Erin, this year’s scholarship recipients, and the board for setting up the opening night fun!

Thursday’s Keynote: José González – Founder, Latino Outdoors

José shared many cuentos with us, and inspired us to not simplify, but to connect and amplify everyone’s message in order to invite more learners into the diverse world of science learning. Here are just a few of the gems he shared with the group:

  • Buzz Hoot Roar – A graphic driven blog that shares or explains scientific concepts in animations, pictures, and 300 words or less.
  • Aguacate Press – José’s Etsy shop, where you can find his arte.
  • Guamuchiles – a species of flowering plant in the pea family that  José grew up eating in Mexico.


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